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Hi there :) Thanks for visiting my shop! I've been making sculpture for almost 20 years (& decently good sculpture for maybe 1/2 that lol). I started making jewelry for myself, & as gifts for friends & family, about 10 years ago, but this whole "selling-it-for-money" thing is brand new. So you won't find reviews or anything. BUT I'm a real person who will send you a real piece of excellently-handmade jewelry if you place an order. I'll also be super grateful :) Like I said, I made pieces just like these for myself & I've been wearing them daily for years (& can attest they are quite durable lol; making sculpture is hard on accessories). Check out my IG for more info on my day-to-day @KathleenStudebaker_Art, or check out the rest of my website. Feel free to contact me via e-mail, IG, or whatever if you have questions. More products coming soon! Thanks again for visiting! -Kathleen 9/2/22

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