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Doubles as a fidget-spinner! (click through the images for a video of it in action). This necklace is made with 3 pieces of hand cut/shaped brass, soldered together to hold a steel ball-bearing. The face-plates of the bearing have been removed, which makes it look way cooler, and also means that, w/o the brass components, the bearing could fall apart (but the brass is there, so it won't fall apart :). Also, b/c of the way it’s made, the bearing can spin freely. For more info on how these are made, check out my Instagram Reels (and while you’re there, why not give some of my other content a watch and a like? :) @KathleenStudebaker_Art

Oh, and please tag me if you post images of your necklace on IG or other social media! Thanks so much for looking (and even more for buying)!

FixedBearing Pendant

Sold out :( [ but for me :) ]

1.5” x 1.125” x .375”

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