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Copper, Bronze, Brass, Steel, Aluminum, Walnut

3.75” x 3.5” x 3.5”


Tiny and shiny and 100% hand-fabricated! Feel free to contact me w/any questions. Also you can find a lot more info on this piece (like how it's made or a link to a video of it spinning) on this piece's page on my main website.

AstroObject [1c.x0]


If you wish to return the item, you can do so w/in 30 days of delivery. I will give you a full refund minus the actual shipping costs (usually between $20-$50 depending), and minus a convenience fee of $40 (I undrstand that you may get the piece and then decide it doesn't work for your space or whatever, but it takes me quite a bit of time to pack up and ship a piece. Hence the convenience fee).

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