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SEEDCIRCUIT [1]; Drawings, Plans & In-Progress Shots

Original drawing

Photoshop drawing (patterns)

Pattern for Osage Orange cube

Pattern for Paduak cube

Pattern for Purple Heart cube

Making the (1st of several) silicon mold

Mold curing

Mold complete

Test casting cubes

1st jig to center the wood cube in the mold

Cube centering jig in mold

Wood cubes in-progress

Vacuum chamber; sucks all the air out of the resin after mixing and before curing

Pressure tank (for casting); removes any residual bubbles in the resin by crushing them down to micro-size while resin cures

I made several resin-mixers for use in my drill

Studio casting set-up (with the old crappy pressure tank)

I had to make SO MANY cubes to get 5 good ones

Cube polishing

Beautiful completed cubes!

Holders in progress

Welding the aluminum holders

Tapping the holders (so they can be screwed to the wall pedestal)

Holders and cubes test layout for wall pedestal

Pattern made from test-layout of holders

Pattern made from the test-layouts of holders; used to transfer hole placement to wall pedestal

All the holders sealed and pretty

Sealing the aluminum

Final pedestal test

Installing the back-light

Back of the wall pedestal

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